It Ends Today, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 that works to promote the importance of bystander intervention and emotional intelligence to students, teachers, and administrators. Volunteer members of the organization visit schools all across the country to hold assemblies and events for elementary and middle school students. Our certified volunteers use our award-winning curriculum via age-appropriate multimedia presentations to explain the different aspects of bullying and its consequences and possible bystander intervention methods.

We strive to reach students who have experienced bullying in the past. Our organization believes that the most effective way to decrease bullying activity in our schools and community is for students to listen to their own peers speaking about their personal experiences related to bullying. We believe that this kind of “peer-to-peer” action is more effective than having an adult dictate to students how they must behave. After visiting over 400,000 students within the past few years, hundreds of schools described how the number of reported bullying cases has dramatically decreased since our organizations event.

Students are invited to post a video of them talking about their experiences of bullying on YouTube, and then share the link with us, along with a written statement describing why they decided to create the video. Our team will review every submission and will repost select content throughout our social media sites.